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Community-run server for Blocksworld made by Zen1th. By the community, for the community. And there are mods now too.

Secondary Server
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All blocks!

You can now play with all the blocks you ever want to use ! Yup, even the unreleased one, no need to do Ye Skyeari Glitch for that anymore. Adding to that i'm currently working on a "Clone" script function, which you guess it, clones blocks, that's gotta extend possibilities a lot (and also make creepypastas when cloning blocksters)

Mods, mods, mods..

Not only now you can play Blocksworld again, not only you got unlimited blocks, not only there are new features added by Exdilin, but now you can also add new features yourself! While previous modding attemps could only replace existing textures, you can now create new blocks and new textures! Or you can just choose mods the community already made!

Community forever

Made by community, for community, with the Blocksworld Wool forum being the most popular forum for speaking about Blocksworld! Or for example through the r/bw2 subreddit.

Don't forget to check out our discord server

Getting started

Blocksworld Wool is the central hub for Blocksworld mods. That's where Exdilin, Working Pistons and Fuze are!
The most notable of them, Exdilin, allows to join alternate servers including BW2S which features so much new things that i couldn't explain all of them in text. Hence the above trailer !

To access the secondary server you must use Exdilin, follow the install steps and everything should be good.

If you don't own Blocksworld on Steam, you can download the launcher which will manage everything you need to play without Steam, or you can do it manuallly by downloading Blocksworld with Exdilin at the Download Blocksworld page.